Ebb & flood / Tidal range

Every 6 1/4 hours the tide comes and rinses fresh, cold sea water to the coasts.

The rising water brings abundant small forage fish and large swarms of 60-70 cm big saithe or 30-40 cm long mackerel from the North Atlantic to the coastal regions, because they are also hunters.

The purposeful fishing technique from the boat is to find such a swarm of e.g. saithe or mackerel in front of the rising water, the peak of the flood.

Angelerlebnis passend zu Ebbe und Flut planen

… … to create a tide table for NORGE


For fishing in Norge it is advantageous to know the local tides.

  1. When is “Hightide” and when is “Low Water”?
  2. When do the fish bite at its best?
  3. When can I safely park the boat?
  4. When may I have ground contact?
  5. When is there a risk of demolishing the screw?

It is important to know when tide and low tide begin and how high the tide level is.

See the finished .pdf file on the left.

It takes only a few steps to create a table:

  1. In “Gulesider” or “Maps” set the position Vik Brygge
  2. In “Kartverket” enter Latitue and Longitude Kartverket461531, 10.758292
  3. Continue in “Kartverket” Enter date (from up) here 09.05.2020 – 16.05.2020
  4. Select output here in PDF format