The big deep sea fishing competition!

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sea fishing competition
the “Angelmasters Sea Fishing Cup”

2014 was our year!

Hans finished third with 4.357 participants,
only a few centimeters behind the 2nd place.

Sabine won the Sea Fishing Cup 1st place,
as the 1st and so far only woman in the history of the Angelmasters with a total length of all scoring fish of 7.91 m and with 40 cm advantage!

Join the “Angelmasters”. You can get in at any time.
The competition runs for 365 days each year. Start is vear by year at 01.01.xx at 00:00 o’clock and it ends on 31.12.xx at 24:00.
Follow the information of

The Sea Fishing Cup evaluates 10 different fishes: Butt/Scholle, Cod, Herring, Hornhake, Köhler, Leng, Lumb, Mackerel, Sea Trout and Pollack.
The total length of all 10 target fishes is crucial for your placement.
In 2014 we caught 4 fish listed as winning fish, see right.

Watch our interim report from 2013, here we reached the rankings 2+5.