There are many opportunities to travel to the far north of Europe.

Check out the elaboration of our facebook-friend called “schelle68” for flying to Norway and our own car recommendations for getting to Norway.
Have fun and if you have good information yourself, then get in touch!

Mit dem Flieger ins gelobte Land

By plane to Norge

Our facebook-friend called “schelle68” has researched for you and shows 38 exciting pages of background information about flights to Norge!

Rentiere kreuzen die Strasse

Car Travling | Tolls | Refueling | Customs

Check out the different routes to South, Central and North Norge by car.

Vergleich Fliegen-oder-Fahren nach Norwegen?

Comparison: car-airplanes

Our facebook-friend called”schelle68″ has compared time and cost for you if you are travelling by car or by plane!