Travel by car

Helpful for planning the daily trips is googlemaps  or the ADAC route planner, which also shows you the costs for the toll and fuel costs for the routeplanning. Experience has shown that with 2 drivers you can do about 1.000 – 1.200 km.

For the destinations in south and central Norway, the ferries are dedicated to Oslo, Larvik.
Keep in mind that ferries have at least one hour of waiting time before departure, as they follow fixed timetables and you do not want to miss your ship.

Alternatively the route through Denmark is also faster, exclusively on motorways, on which one can drive 110-130 km/h.

For the journey over the Storebelt bridge (bridge over the great Belt) the toll is approx. 32.80 € (12/19). For the Öresund Bridge it is about 53.55 € (12/19). Total toll: € 86.35 for Sweden and Denmark. Both tickets can be bought at the toll station along the motorway.

The journey continues from Copenhagen over the bridge to Malmö in Sweden. On the motorways (till 30 km north of Stockholm) ist the speed limit 100-110 km/h.
On the overland roads up the Baltic Sea coast towards northern Norway and through Lapland the speed limit ist 80-90 km/h.
In Norway there is a speed limit of 80 km/h, but often the road is so narrow that a maximum of 50 km/h is possible. So plan for a 50 km ride approx. 1 hour!


Check out the travel examples and click on the link below the picture to follow Google Maps:


In the cities of Stockholm, Sundsval and just close to Narvik, all cars are automatically photographed. You will get an invoice for the Swedish city toll/infrastructure toll EPASS24 or the Norwegian road toll via Europarking EPCplc. You can register with both companies in advance, which makes payment easier.

Gas stations along the road

Crossing Lapland, from Lulea/Sweden to Narvik/Norway, Petrol stations are only available approx. every 70 km. You can pay with “EC card” with “VPAY” function directly at the automatic fuel station – usually around the clock. But you need the PIN.


We recommend the customs information at KVOTE APPAEN from Norwegian Customs as a free app in advance  for ios | apple  or download for  android.

You can check the permitted limits for your planned quantities of alcoholic beverages and tobacco products and the current allowances and the exact specifications of the Norwegian customs with this Apps up to date.
You can re-duty the quantities above the allowances as part of a simplified customs clearance.