Electronic nautical charts of gulesider.no

Helpful to find good fishing areas off the Norwegian coast and to prepare yourself already at home are nautical charts.
Today, however, people no longer use the “good big old paper ones”. There are great free electronic solutions availible.

We have been using gulesider.no electronic nautical charts for years.

Follow the link. At the top left of the yellow search box enter the coordinates or the name of the camp. In the small window on the rightside select the variant Sjoekart, the fishing card on the PC. Make a print screen and print on paper. The magnification by mouse wheel goes up to a scale of approx. 10m. When we have printed 2 cards, we laminate this in front/back and always have them as spare and for the rough overview on board in case the technology fails.

Seekarten über Norgeskart


Provider of the free NORGESKART app is Kartverket. Please fill in your coordinates in the top left corner of the search window.

Now you have more options in the menu to change your map view. At the bottom right you have 3 views like nautical chart, topographic and flyphoto to choose from, see the sea chart example.


Another provider of a free boating app is Navionics, which is actually intended for navigating sailingboats or motor yachts. If installed on a tablet, it is ideal for locating underwater mountains and steep edges because of its large screen.

Be prepared and think about the glare-free placement in possible sunlight.