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The current weather at

For anglers, fishermen and sailors, it is often necessary for survival to know how weather, precipitation, wind strength
and direction develop, as well as current and wave height on the North Atlantic.

The Norwegian Coastal Transport Authority is monitoring weather developments and forecasts every hour.

Click here directly to Link to the Maritime WeatherAuthority and forecast

Just go to the Norwegian side. Than enter the region/destination area and start. Use the left menu to select the different displays. The .pdf-download is at the top right, where you can also select the English version.

There are other providers which are interesting and are used by us. We show you these these, because we have had very good experiences with their predictions for years:
The comparable side to is
You can see the two weather forecasts in comparison at

Links to the APP of



A very good alternative with extensive settings and extensive information is the free app from
Choose your personal settings to better assess the expected fishing weather.

Download link for windy in the google-play-store:


All tools work well on mobile phones as well as tablets and PCs. They are constantly/hourly updated.

The 7-day overview with important data can be displayed, saved or printed as  .pdf file.
YR Wetterübersicht
The Overview, Oversikt provides optimal planning for several days with the necessary data.
YR Wetterübersicht
Time for Time, or the hourly overview, which is updated several times a day, is great for daily planning.
Meteogram with wind direction, strength, wave heights and currents. Ideal for drift fishing in low wind.
YR Wetterübersicht Vorhersage